For those who saw “Recount,” or were otherwise involved in the legal battles from the disputed 2000 presidential elections, the name of Coleman’s attorney will be familiar: Ben Ginsburg. The case is being tried before a three-judge panel appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The panel’s decision can be appealed to the state supreme court. After that, it could end up in the federal courts, in which the ruling in Bush v. Gore could be a critical precedent. As the item points out, Bush v. Gore has never been cited as a precedent for any case by the Supremes. Another familiar name appears in a related item that quotes former Minnesota senator David Durenberger: “I don’t know how the Democratic Party operates because I’m not one of them, but every time we had an opening, somebody like Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman and the Republican apparatchiks in the White House decide who is going to represent Minnesota. Closed out the party, closed out everybody else. That’s what’s going on now… ‘We will continue to fund you, just to keep the Democrat out of the Senate.’ At some point, somebody has to deal with what’s the will of the people of Minnesota.”