Sen. Royce West, trying to gauge the impact of Voter ID on minorities, asks Fraser if he has spoken to any ethnic minorities about his bill. “I don’t want to get cute with you but you are an ethnic minority and I have talked to you about it,” said Fraser. West presses on:  Have you talked to African Americans and Hispanics about whether they believe voter impersonation is a problem? Fraser cites a poll showing 88 percent of people polled believe that “Photo ID is  something we should implement.” And he says 74 percent of African Americans surveyed agree with that view. West cites an instance of voter intimidation in the early eighties in Dallas and asks Fraser:  Does your bill address attempts to deter people from voting? No.  But Fraser says his witnesses will testify that minorities are encouraged to vote in states with Voter ID because they have greater faith in the integrity of the election system.