Is this press release the tip of an iceberg? LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE DR. MIKE SMITH ENDORSES DEE MARGO FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 78 El Paso – Today, Libertarian Candidate, Dr. Mike Smith announced his withdrawal from the District 78 race for State Representative and announced his endorsement of Dee Margo. “Texas is facing a fiscal crisis and El Paso needs a strong leader who can see our state through these difficult times, while ensuring El Paso’s priorities are met. That person is Dee Margo. Dee has built a successful small business and will take that experience to balance the Texas budget without raising taxes and further hurting our economy. Dee Margo will get our economy moving forward again,” said Mike Smith. “Dr. Mike Smith is a respected physician in the community and I’m honored to have his support. We both share a commitment to get our economy moving forward again and bringing good jobs to El Paso,” said Dee Margo. * * * * Republicans have lamented for years that they have lost seats in the House due to votes for Libertarian candidates. When Tom Craddick was trying to hold onto his speakership, he (or his emissaries) approached Libertarian candidates and asked them to withdraw from the race. It didn’t work. But Republicans have figured out the game. Mike Toomey told me, during a conversation about the Green Party issue, that Republicans had lost–I think he said eight seats due to Libertarian votes. If the R’s and the L’s are going to be working together this election cycle, that is very bad news for the Democrats.