So everyone has done their research…and found research that supports their position. For the Voter ID advocates, Hans von Spakovsky cited an academic study by economist and professor Jeffrey Milyo of the University of Missouri about Indiana’s experience since passing Voter ID. His conclusion: Not only no evidence of repression of minority voting, but Indiana actually saw an increase in voter participation in counties with high minority populations.  Under questioning from Tommy Williams, von Spakovsky said Milo’s study is comparable to a “regression analysis” the Justice Department would use to evaluate a Voter ID bill. For the opponents: Tova Wang, of Common Cause, who cites a Brennan Center study that people who earn less than $35,000 annually are twice as likely not to have a photo ID as more wealthy folks. According to the 2007 Census, 38 percent of Texans earn less than $35,000. The gallery has thinned out significantly.