Taking a look at other statewide races, congressional races, and legislative races:

I regret to report that in the Democratic primary, Pete Gallego lost his race against Ciro Rodriguez.

Craddick defeats Chisum (Railroad Commision)

Smitherman defeats Parker (Railroad Commission)

Randy Weber defeats Felicia Harris (CD 14) — the old Ron Paul seat

Steve Stockman defeats Stephen Takach (CD 36)

Supreme Court Place 4

Readers may recall an ugly incident in which John Devine, a candidate for the court, allegedly told someone he was running against incumbent David Medina because Medina had an Hispanic name. Medina also had ethics problems resulting from a fire at his house. In a race reminiscent of the defeat of Perry appointee Xavier Rodriguez early in the 2000s, Devine did defeat Medina, 54.79% to 45.20%.

Congressional District 25:

Roger Williams 58.94%

Wes Riddle 41.05%

Riddle had charged that President Obama had given away several islands off Alaska to the Russians.