This is the taxpayer advocacy headed up by self-appointed Republican enforcer Michael Quinn Sullivan. All of the endorsements went to Republicans. I am not publishing the full list of endorsements. It includes Kolkhorst, Taylor, Zerwas, P. King, Phillips, Crownover, Madden, Smithee, Chisum, Branch, Harless, and W. Smith, and a lot of back benchers. What is interesting is not so much which Republicans Sullivan endorsed. It’s which ones he did not endorse. Here is that list, in ascending order of district number: MERRITT X COOK X PITTS X EISSLER X OTTO BONNEN KUEMPEL X HILDEBRAN ORR KEFFER X SOLOMONS X SUSAN KING DARBY LEWIS JONES X T. SMITH PATRICK TRUITT GEREN X HARTNETT JACKSON STRAUS X BOHAC Members marked with an “X” are the remaining ten Cardinals who overthrew Craddick. To get an endorsement, a member had to score 80% on Sullivan’s Fiscal Responsibility Index. I can’t imagine a more fiscally responsible member than John Otto. Yet he didn’t make the list, which tells me there is something wrong with the criterion. I’m not surprised that none of the remaining Cardinals got an endorsement, including Straus (who was not endorsed despite the absence of a voting record). I can’t even imagine why Bohac, Bonnen, Darby, Hildebran, Hartnett, Jackson, Susan King, Lewis, Orr, and Patrick did not merit endorsements. Truitt carried the local option transit bill, and Smith has been a longtime target of the enforcers. It never ceases to amaze me that Republicans like Sullivan still want to call out members of their own party for perceived ideological transgressions. Politics is very volatile, particularly the independents, and they could turn against the Republicans.