From our executive editor Mimi Swartz, who knows her hometown of Houston better than just about anyone:

Dan Arnold, $1,000 to Romney. Old-line power broker and board member par excellence.

Scott Atlas, $1,000 to Clinton. New-line power broker, former V&E partner, husband of Federal judge Nancy Atlas.

Jack S. Blanton, $2,300 to Romney. Oilman, arts patron, fomer chair of the UT board of regents, Houston Endowment mainstay.

Ernie Cockrell $2,000 to Romney. Oilman, Methodist hospital board member.

Rufus Comier, $1,000 to Clinton. First African American partner at Baker Botts; wife Yvonne is a major socialite, on best-dressed lists.

Harry Godfrey, $2,300 to Clinton. The Godfrey in Sussman & Godfrey.

Mavis Kelsey, $2,300 to McCain. Old-money attorney whose family members were founding donors to the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

Meredith Long, $2,100 to Giuliani. Art dealer who is married to a Cullen.

Frank Lidell, $2,000 to McCain. Name partner in Liddell Sapp law firm

Diana Marshal, $1,000 to Clinton. Very successful trial lawyer.

Richard Mithoff, $2,300 to Edwards, $1,000 to Clinton. He is a protege of the King of Torts, Joe Jamail, and a highly successful lawyer in his own right.

Harry Reasoner, $1,000 each to Richardson and Clinton. Former managing partner of Vinson & Elkins.

Matt Simmons, $2,300 to Romney. Energy adviser to the world.

Gerald Smith, $2,300 to Obama. Investment banker; African American community patron and leader.

Michael Zilkha, $2,300 to Obama. Investor, wind energy promoter, heavy hitting gadfly.

Harry and Rose Cullen, $2,300 each to Giuliani. Old oil money.

Anthony and Elizabeth DeLuca, $2,300 each to Romney. Energy investors.

Joe Dilg, $2,300 to Romney. Managing partner, V&E.

Jonathon and Marita Fairbanks, $2,300 each to Romney. He is a zillionaire oilman and arts patron; she has Fresh Arts website.

Meg Goodman, $2,300 to Guiliani. Heiress to air conditioning coil fortune.

Melanie Gray, $2,300 each to Clinton and Obama. Power broker, arts patron, attorney who brought the Enron bankruptcy to her firm, Weil Gotshal.

John and Karen Hoffmeister, $2,100 each to Giuliani and $2,100 each to Clinton. He is the CEO of Shell.

John Hill, $2,ooo to McCain. Former state attorney general and Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Nancy and Rich Kinder, $2,100 each to Giuliani. He’s the former Enron #2 who left before the trouble started and is now the billionaire CEO of Kinder-Morgan. Major fundraisers for W.

W. John O’Neil, $2,300 to Romney. Mr. Swift Boat himself.

John O’Quinn, $2,300 to Edwards. Legendary — and legendarily controversial — plaintiff’s lawyer.

Harry and Karen Pinson, $2,300 to Obama. He’s VP of Menil Board; she’s a regular in the social columns.

Arthur Schecter, $2,300 to Hilary, $1,000 to Edwards. Former Clinton ambassador to the Bahamas.

Steve and Ellen Sussman, $2,300 each to Hilary; he also gave $2,300 to Edwards. He is the Susman in Susman Godfrey.

Robert Mosbacher, $2,300 to McCain. Loyal to Bush … 41. Was U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

L.E. Simmons, $2,300 to Romney. Head of SCF partners, energy advisers and investors.

Mark White, $2,300 to Richardson. Former governor of Texas.

Tilman and Paige Fertitta, $2,300 each t0 Giuliani. Landry’s/Golden Nugget chief exec gave very lavish party for Bill Clinton during second term. Always hedges his bets.