This is the text of a letter Armey sent dated December 4. During Hutchison’s political career, her commitment to conservative principles has been attacked at various times. The Perry forces have already raised the issue of her support for the bailout, which Perry opposes. Armey’s letter is a preemptive strike. I have bold-faced some of its key points. December 4, 2008 Dear Friend, My good friend, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is making an important announcement and I wanted you to be one of the first to know. Today, Kay is going to begin exploring a race for Governor of Texas. This is great news for Texas! I represented Texas in Congress and served as the Republican Majority Leader from the 26th Congressional District. I fought tirelessly for the conservative principles of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom … and I could always count on Kay Bailey Hutchison to stand up for Texas. I am doing this because almost every week, a news story appears indicating that another State agency is in disarray or is broken. Just yesterday our Texas State Schools for the Disabled was reported by the Justice Department to be in serious trouble. The Texas Youth Commission had to be put into receivership, and the Texas Department of Transportation was cited by the Texas Sunset Commission for being unresponsive to taxpayers. There are many more. As our U.S. Senator, Kay protects Texas in a city where common sense is under-represented. Kay led the effort for the eight states that have no income tax, including Texas, to again be able to deduct sales taxes paid from federal income tax returns. Eliminated from the tax code in 1986, Kay and good conservatives succeeded in 2004 in restoring this pro-taxpayer provision and have extended it through 2009. Thank goodness for Kay! As our U.S. Senator, she kept Texans from having Federal highways already built to have tolls put on the free lanes. Those tolls were championed by Texas Department of Transportation. Kay led the fight to provide relief from the Marriage Penalty, which is lowered through 2010. She originated the idea to bring our U.S. Army South Command to San Antonio, and fought hard to increase federal research dollars coming into Texas universities by 55% over four years to nearly $1.4 billion annually. I’m now retired from Congress, but Kay continues to carry the conservative torch. Her lifetime American Conservative Union rating is 90% — respectably higher than Senators McConnell (89.7%), Thune (87%), Hatch (89.9%), McCain (82.3%), and Grassley (83%)… Kay’s Americans for Tax Reform rating is 95% — Higher than Senators McCain (70%), Gregg (90%), Corker (90%), Domenici (90%), Ensign (85%), Coburn (85%), and Thune (90%) . . . Most importantly, Kay shares our Texas values and optimistic vision. Texans like you are telling Kay they are concerned about our state’s future. That’s why she decided to take action and form an exploratory committee for Governor, and that’s why she wants to talk with you before becoming a formal candidate. There are three simple things you can do to help Kay right now: 1.Sign up as one of the first to join Kay’s team – 2.Forward this email to at least 10 Texans in your address book. 3.Call 3 friends and share the news.