Mark Shelton has locked up the Republican nomination for District 97, a seat currently held by Democrat Dan Barrett, without a runoff. He’s leading Bob Leonard 62.32% to 28.88% in the early vote. No way for Leonard to catch up.


Craddick’s up at the plate. He’s got the hit signal. He swings … and misses:

Geren 2,711
Annunziato 1,679

Early vote, but the race is over.

Republican House races:

Brown — up by a thousand votes, 53-47
King — not even close, 64-36 in the early vote
Madden — 52 votes up after the early vote
Macias — trails Miller by 543 votes after the early vote
Haggerty — gone. Down by 46-53 after the early vote. Can’t score this for Craddick yet. Joe Moody won the Democratic primary easily and the D vote was way ahead of the R vote.
Buddy West — looks like he’ll be in a runoff with Tryon, running 2nd
Delwin Jones — Hey, Michael Quinn Sullivan: Why waste the money. Up 62-36.
Zedler, Mike Anderson, Corte all win easily