An Obama commercial. I couldn’t believe it. In Texas. The subject was health care. This has to be the first TV spot for a Democratic presidential candidate to air in Texas since 1988, when Lloyd Bentsen was on the ticket. Hedge: It’s possible that Clinton did some TV here in ’92. I know the race between Clinton and Bush 41 was close that year, with Perot on the ticket. ARG, not the most reliable of polls, has McCain up here by 57-38. Democratic strategists told me early in the campaign that they needed Obama to get at least 42-43% for downballot Democrats to do well. Maybe Obama is trying get his numbers up to help the ticket. The spot ran in Austin. Now that’s throwing good money after bad. Obama is going to sweep Austin. Where it needs to run is Houston and Dallas. If anybody in those metro areas saw the spot, please let me know by posting a comment.