Am I the last person in Texas to see this Medina campaign spot? Today is the first time I have seen it. It’s the most compelling campaign spot (if a six minutes and fifty-two seconds video can properly be described as a “spot”) that I have seen this entire campaign season, and does it ever make Perry look bad. One of the things that makes it effective, whether intentional or not, is that Perry’s words are out of synch with his lips. (If intentional, it’s genius!) I think she could have omitted the cartoon figures of Perry talking super-fast, though. Ridicule was gilding the lily. The words out of his own mouth, particularly his struggles with eminent domain, were enough to sink him. Here is the obvious question. This video was created after the first debate. What would have happened if KBH’s team had come up with a video with the same message minus the more extreme elements? Why didn’t they? [Video no longer available.]