…My post about “The Hutchison Huddle,” which I inadvertently deleted. The Hutchison Huddle is a daily collection of e-mail messages from Joe Pounder of the Hutchison campaign. The one that I picked from today’s e-mail read: While Kay Bailey Hutchison is on the campaign trail talking with Texas voters, Rick Perry will hold another ceremonial bill re-signing today at taxpayer expense (aren’t these really just campaign events?). As I wrote in the previous version, the objective of the e-mail, I presume, is to get schnooks like me to criticize Perry for (1) holding a meaningless event, since bills have to be signed during the 20-day period following the end of a legislative session; and (2) claiming to be a fiscal conservative while billing taxpayers for the event (travel, security, and staff). I do think that the ersatz signings are silly, and I don’t think that the taxpayers should pay for them. But before I put the latter part down in writing, I called Mark Miner, who is the main press spokesperson for the Perry campaign, to ask whether Perry is billing taxpayer with the tab for these events. Miner’s respone: No. He said that 99% of the governor’s travel is paid for with campaign funds. The exceptions are official functions, such as a flight to inspect hurricane damage. If the Hutchison campaign is going to accuse Perry of billing the taxpayers for his travel, shouldn’t they at least have the goods before they start shooting arrows into the dark? [Unfortunately, the comments to the previous posting were lost along with the text.]