Does it strike anyone as strange that very few legislators have made endorsements in the governor’s race? Especially since Perry has very few supporters in the House. Here’s what I think is going on. Nobody is going to endorse before the filing deadline. Afterward, when it is too late for Perry to get an opponent for someone he deems to be unfriendly, you’ll start to see some endorsements. Perry will get some, of course, but I believe KBH will get more … assuming, that is, that Perry hasn’t opened an insurmountable lead. Which is possible. Hutchison really isn’t doing anything right now, just making speeches and jabbing at Perry now and then. It also strikes me as strange that we’re approaching mid-October, and neither candidate has been on television. This indicates to me that money is hard to come by, and both sides are hoarding their warchests. Conventional wisdom has it that the public doesn’t like to be bombarded with campaign spots during the holiday season. The real campaign may not start until after New Year’s. It may be a sprint, not a marathon.