I missed this AP story today. Burnt Phillip Martin of BOR, who is often the target of commenters to this blog, didn’t miss it. This ran in Burnt Orange Report: AUSTIN (AP) — The owner of a small Austin grocery store whose shop is shown in Republican Gov. Rick Perry’s new television ad says she doesn’t endorse him for re-election. Farm To Market Grocery owner Peg McCoy said Monday she did not give permission for her shop to be used in Perry’s campaign commercial and that she wants the ad to be taken off the air. Perry’s campaign spokesman, Mark Miner, said the footage was filmed on a public sidewalk and that the ad will keep running. He said the governor supports policies to help small businesses, even though not all business owners back him. McCoy’s shop sells locally grown food and flowers. Its storefront can be seen in the ad, which also shows other Texas businesses. Martin did some enterprising reporting: “This morning, I went and interviewed Max Berendt, who works at the Avenue Barber Shop on South Congress in Austin, Texas — just a few doors down from the Farm to Market Grocery. You can’t see his face, but he’s actually the the one who flipped the sign at the front of Rick Perry’s advertisement”: Phillip Martin: Did you know they were going to be using your store in a television ad? Max Berendt: Not at all, no. PM: Did you sign any paper work saying that it’s okay for them to use this in an ad? MB: Absolutely not. PM: Do you support Governor Perry at all? MB: I do not. [Martin writes] And for the final nail in the coffin — the barber shop in the ad isn’t even the barber shop Rick Perry goes to. He goes to a shop in Tarrytown. * * * * This is not a big deal, but I would have thought that a pro outfit lke the Perry campaign would have had the good sense to ask permission to film inside somebody’s business. TEXAS MONTHLY would not take anyone’s photograph and use it in an ad without their permission. The more I think about this, the more I think it is kind of a big deal. The Perry campaign did it twice. The spot certainly could mislead voters into thinking that the owners of both establishments support Rick Perry. It’s pretty arrogant. Isn’t it Rule One to ask permission?