It’s on Perry’s “Liberal Bill” Web site. Amid numerous allegations — His company did business in the Middle East and defaulted on a $60 million loan; Bill White profiteered in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita; Bill White was CEO of a company whose owner is a billionaire Lebanese politician; Bill White helped launch the national careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton; Bill White is a longtime Democrat activist; Bill White advised Obama’s campaign; Bill White appointed a top donor Houston Metro chairman — the final entry on the list is, “Bill White is an environmentalist.” Is “environmentalist” now a dirty word in Republican circles? White’s sin, apparently, is that he was once on the board of “Environmental Defense” (presumably, this is the Environmental Defense Fund, which is one of the most mainstream, least radical, of the environmental groups). I was intrigued too that Perry charged White with appointing a top donor Metro chairman. How many top donors–dozens? hundreds?– has Perry appointed to boards of regents and other major positions, including homebuilder Bob Perry’s general counsel as head of the now defunct and unlamented Texas Residential Construction Commission?