I haven’t been writing about the down-ballot statewide races because the results are foregone conclusions. The question is not who will win, but by how much? What’s the over/under for the closest race? 15 points? 18? 20? But Barbara Radnofsky, the Democratic candidate for AG, did land a solid punch against Greg Abbott today. Here’s her release: In a press release issued on Monday, February 9, 2004, Attorney General Abbott declared, “Developing and enforcing immigration laws is the exclusive domain of the federal government.” In an interview with the Texas Tribune posted August 30, 2010, Attorney General Abbott discarded his 2004 belief that enforcement of the immigration laws is the “exclusive domain” of the federal government. Mr. Abbott now claims, “….that for decades states have had the authority to participate in the immigration enforcement issue.” Radnofsky: “As Texas faces an $18 billion budget deficit, we have an Attorney General who abandons his beliefs and spends taxpayer dollars to join political litigation to defend the State of Arizona. The Constitution hasn’t changed since 2004; it’s Mr. Abbott’s desire to appeal to race and politics which has overcome legal reason. Texas is the worse for it.” Radnofsky might also have mentioned that when Republicans were eager to duck the immigration issue in 2007 — Leo Berman had introduced a packet of bills — State Affairs chairman David Swinford consulted Abbott about whether they were constitutional. According to the Morning News, “Mr. Abbott’s office told Mr. Swinford last week that most of the bills go against ‘either state law or federal law, or the state constitution or the federal constitution,’ the chairman said.” Abbott should be embarrassed by this flip-flop. But I bet he’s not.