The numbers speak for themselves. We are seeing an instant replay of the Republican primary. Another Perry opponent has been unable to find a theme that resonates with the voters. Meanwhile, Perry has found a strange political bedfellow–Anise Parker, White’s successor as mayor–who delivered Perry manna from heaven: the devastating criticism that the city, in “unbusinesslike” fashion, had been spending more than it has taken in “for years.” What a gift for Perry! This is going to stick. There’s no way White can recover from Parker’s throwing him under the bus on a central issue of the campaign: fiscal stewardship. You might as well pencil in four more years of the last ten years. There is only one thing that the Democrats can do to change the current political dynamic in Texas. They are going to have to win an election, something they haven’t done since 1994. Until the Republicans lose a major race–and the only major race that matters is governor–nothing is going to change in Texas politics. And it doesn’t look as if the D’s can win this one.