Readers may be interested in RedState’s post-debate commentary. Remember, RedState thought highly enough of Perry that it co-sponsored his announcement. Here is what one correspondent published: Cain wins Nevada GOP debate 3400 to 999, Perry loses cool Garden-gate attack on Mitt Romney and inappropriate show of temper may make Rick Perry wish his performance could have stayed in Vegas by the time the next polls are conducted. But Herman Cain heartened anti-Romney conservative hearts by offering a blockbuster alternative to RomneyCare and/or ObamaCare with a call for interstate competition in the health care industry. Bay State Garden-gate Perry’s attack on old stories about Mitt Romney’s alleged hiring of illegals shocked this conservative out of my chair more than any electrified border fence could. The Texas Governor referred to an old story about a landscaping company that Romney had hired that was discovered to have illegal workers employed. There was no evidence that Romney knew the status of all employees of the company and he fired the company after discovering that it had broken the law. Romney was never charged with violating any law. Perry, who famously questioned the condition of conservative hearts that oppose in-state tuition for illegals, indicts Romney for hiring the mothers of illegals to earn the money to pay the tuition? Was Romney indicted for breaking employment or immigration laws? Perry temperament problem For this viewer, Perry’s show of temper spoke for itself. I doubt his jobs plan can overcome what was seen of Perry’s temperament tonight in Las Vegas that seems inappropriate to the presidency to this Republican. But temperament isn’t everything. Witness what cool got is in President Barack Obama’s policies. But before Perry gets to be compared with Obama, he has to best the cool customers named Cain and Romney, and on that score I suspect his garden-gate attack makes his quest for the nomination futile.