A Republican consultant offered me these numbers about Tom Craddick. The consultant would not allow the firm’s name to be used and mentioned only round numbers. Feel free to discount the credibility of this report accordingly.

1. Craddick’s name ID is “higher than any speaker of the modern era,” which means starting with Billy Clayton. I’m a little surprised to know that anybody bothered to measure the speaker’s name ID before Craddick.

2. Among Republican primary voters, Craddick’s favorable/unfavorable is 2 to 1 negative.

3. Among independent voters, Craddick’s favorable/unfavorable is 6 to 1 negative.

4. Among Democrats, Craddick’s favorable/unfavorable is 10 to 1 negative.

Of course, the only statistic that matters is the number of House members who will support Craddick. Talton’s entrance into the District 22 race for Congress against Democratic Nick Lampson (and Shelley Sekula-Gibbs in the Republican primary) will probably result in a swing to Craddick.