So, I still haven’t had a chance to watch this morning’s debate, but I did have a chance to watch the video the Dewhurst campaign just put out, and I think it deserves a post too.


This has already gone semi-viral, with Slate’s David Weigel dubbing it “the strangest attack ad of the year”, in a testament to the video’s attention-getting qualities. A quibble with Weigel, though: it seems to me that the Dewhurst campaign is attacking Patrick over his insalubrious financial history. “Dannie Goeb” is probably the chorus because it has the right number of syllables. 

Actually, a second quibble with Weigel: while strange, I’m not sure this is the strangest attack of the year, or even of the day. My vote for strangest attack of the day, at least so far, has been the chicken thing:

Asked after the debate whether voters should trust a man who orders chicken in a steak joint, Dewhurst said he wasn’t aware that Austin Land & Cattle was only a place for steak.