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Texas Official Gives Hints of Evidence Against Planned Parenthood

Stuart Bowen says the inquiry of Planned Parenthood is based, in part, on new evidence from a whistleblower.

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AP Photo | San Angelo Standard-Times, Patrick Dove

Stuart Bowen, the man at the center of Texas’s controversial inquiry of Planned Parenthood, said today the probe began after his office found new evidence of possible fraud committed by the embattled women’s health provider.

Bowen, the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Commission, announced earlier this week that his office was seeking to expel Planned Parenthood from Texas’s Medicaid program. On Thursday, his office delivered wide-ranging subpoenas to Planned Parenthood affiliates.

In an interview late this afternoon, Bowen responded to criticism of his office’s actions and provided several noteworthy updates:

—The HHSC Inspector General’s office is no longer seeking information about employees of Planned Parenthood, he said. The original subpoenas requested names, salaries, home addresses, and home phone numbers of all Planned Parenthood employees. Some criticized that request as an invasion of privacy. “I reviewed that this morning and we have withdrawn that from the request,” Bowen said.

—Planned Parenthood asked for and received a seven-day extension to comply with the subpoenas. Planned Parenthood originally had only 24 hours to submit five years of patient information. Bowen said the 24-hour deadline is required by statute, but his office realized it was seeking an enormous amount of information and from the start was willing to give Planned Parenthood an extension. Asked if his office has had any contact with federal health officials, he said no.

—Finally, Bowen responded to criticism that his office had pre-judged the case. (HHSC accused Planned Parenthood of Medicaid fraud on Monday—three days before requesting records on Medicaid billing.) I asked Bowen if his office had reached a judgment before even finishing its investigation.

He responded that the notices of termination—despite how they sound—aren’t a final judgment. They are just part of a process that could include administrative hearings and appeals, he said.

Perhaps most tellingly, Bowen gave a hint of the evidence that the HHSC Inspector General’s office has against Planned Parenthood.

He said that a whistleblower (not the same person involved in a 2013 settlement) has approached the Inspector General’s office with new allegations of Medicaid fraud committed by Planned Parenthood in Texas. (Planned Parenthood leaders have strenuously denied such charges.)

Bowen’s comments are the first hint of evidence that underlies the Inspector General’s inquiry. In Monday’s letters to Planned Parenthood, Bowen vaguely references “information my office has recently received.” It now seems that “information” consists, at least in part, of fresh allegations by a whistleblower from inside Planned Parenthood.

As I wrote earlier this week, Texas officials will have a difficult time expelling Planned Parenthood from the program—unless there’s strong evidence of Medicaid fraud. Bowen’s comments today provide the first taste of what that evidence might be.

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  • What difference does it make. In the last two days we’ve seen Hillary to congress and the DOJ remains silent.
    We’ve seen Lois Lerner harass conservatives using the IRS and the DOJ remains silent.
    Dems lie, ignore our laws and expect voters to vote for them.
    Who is that stupid?

    • enp1955

      I believe that the subject here is alleged Medicaid fraud by PP in Texas. I have no idea what Hillary, congress, the DoJ, or IRS has to do with that subject. While I understand your desire to use every possible platform to advance your agenda, these forums are of value only when the comments are germane to to the subject of the article.

      • Its called the first amendment.
        I also feel if democrats can post off topic so can republicans.
        Get over it and moveon.org.

        • enp1955

          Such a sterling example. I didn’t say you don’t have the RIGHT to say anything you want on any subject, in fact, I explicitly said otherwise. But with every right comes a responsibility. To my way of thinking, there is a responsibility to contribute to the value of the forum, not subtract from it. And, in my opinion, when you constantly go off topic to flog your favorite cause, you detract from the value. And it is my RIGHT to express that opinion.

          • WUSRPH

            His abuse of the space comes close to being a violation of the protection the 8th amendment gives to the rest of us.

          • aww you miss me….thanks

          • John Johnson

            No one went off topic more than you, Professor Pedant. JBB’s still living in your head I see. Let it go. Move on. None of us are irreplaceable. The site is still functioning. New people posting every week.

          • Well stated JJ, I too have noticed all the new posters since we’ve stopped the left’s bullying of posters that disagree with them.
            Burka blog is a bully free zone.

          • and it is my right to tell you to MYOB. But like all liberals you feel the need to control my thoughts my speech my actions.

          • enp1955

            There is a certain irony in telling anyone to MYOB in a forum designed to spark conversation. I have no desire to control your thoughts, speech, or actions. I wish you had the same feelings towards others.

        • CatinTx

          Only there was no democrat [posting off topic there was only you and still you tried to play the blame game and deny any responsibility for your own action. You are most definitely a republican.

    • John Johnson

      It would seem that lots of people are that stupid. Obama is a blatant liar; I’m not sure that Hillary isn’t a bigger one. Angry women, whimpish men, and people raking in Fed assistance vote for Dem’s. The fact that Obama was elected twice shows us just how many of these people are out there.

  • Indiana Pearl

    Police state . . .

  • I wouldn’t call doing what the democrats are doing “police state tactics.” I would call it what it is, “lying.”

    ” Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler was killed in combat Thursday, shot in a firefight with Islamic State forces in Iraq, though he wasn’t serving in a combat role, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said Friday.”


    saying a Delta Team member killed in action was not KIA is lying.

    Saying the Benghazi attack was a video when it wasn’t and you knew it wasn’t is lying.

    Lying is standard fare for dems. They lie about the IRS, voter fraud, Benghazi, Planned Parenthood, et al.
    It is a proven fact.

    You can pee on my leg and tell me its raining outside, doesn’t make it true.

    Let the name calling begin.

  • John Johnson

    How about we simply take a vote on whether we want to fund any part of PP with taxpayer money? With 72% of the African American babies being born illegitimate, and the numbers in other racial categories high as well, obviously their getting people to use birth control is not working. Combine this with the revelation that they are nonchalantly butchering fetuses and you have a business that has no business being in business.

    • Indiana Pearl

      Because Texans more knowledgeable than you about reproductive health realize that, without PP, the rate of unwanted births would be much higher . . . and the taxpayers would pay for those unwanted offspring.

      • John Johnson

        Wrong. It is a ruse. I’m not sure they do much of anything to stem the numbers of illegitimate children. Got any skewed numbers to show? That outfit is phoney. Don’t need ‘um.

        • Indiana Pearl

          Your mind is slammed shut.

          You sure want to blame black folks . . .

          • John Johnson

            You can use the word “blame” if you want to…I’m just letting the facts speak for themselves. Facts are colorblind.

          • Indiana Pearl

            Your “facts” are opinions.

          • John Johnson

            No, ma’am, they’re facts. 72%…a majority of which are raised by either parent. Fact.

          • Indiana Pearl

            10% in Texas are black, 40-50 % are white, 40-50% are Hispanic. Don’t know how you’ve managed to run a business . . .

          • John Johnson

            You are dense when it comes to proportionate numbers. I won’t attempt to educate you again. Tried it once without success.

          • Indiana Pearl

            You are dense when it comes to total numbers. I hope your wife balances your checkbook!

          • John Johnson

            Tell me again what your vocation has been. It could not possibly have involved dissecting and categorizing. I want to address African Americans as a proportion of the whole, and the disproportionate number of illegimate births by African American mothers when compared to the proportionate number in all other racial groups. If I’m not mistaken, I even gave you the link where someone else had laid all this out for contemplation. No more. It’s the old “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink” scenario. Dense. Denial. Not sure what the problem is.

          • Indiana Pearl

            My vocation taught me to think critically, not to dissect things. Like most American high school students, I dissected various specimens from the animal world.

            You are lost in the 72% and can’t see the top of the mountain. You’re not a bad person, just a product of yoir environment.

          • John Johnson

            Then show that you are capable of critical thinking. My numbers are right. If you think not, supply some of your own.

          • Indiana Pearl

            But, my good old cowboy friend, does that mean they’re bad parents?

          • John Johnson

            I’m not sure. As also stated, the majority of this 72%, I believe, are not raised by either their father or their mother.

          • Indiana Pearl

            Are they raised by wolves? Coyotes? Armadilloes?

            Please do your homework.

          • John Johnson

            Grandparents, aunt, foster care, adoption…take your pick. Someone other than the mother and/or father.

        • Indiana Pearl
          • John Johnson

            No they don’t.

        • Melissa Rowell

          You must be mentally deficient. Planned Parenthood offers many services that are absolutely needed. They cannot MAKE people take birth control and they can’t be held responsible for illegitimate births, when that has nothing to do with their goal. It’s irrelevant whether children are illegitimate. The fact is, Planned Parenthood does prevent scores of unwanted pregnancies. If you get your wish and PP is defunded, you’ll find that out.

          • John Johnson

            Thank you for your opinion. I’ll stick with mine.

    • Ron Kabele

      If Vasalgel works as well as some folks are predicting, contraception may soon be far more effective. And Planned Parenthood may have a lot more male clients. I think that is the real goal after all, for people to choose to have children when they are in a position to best take care of the child. Ithis can be done without having to resort to traditional abortion, all the better for the mother, the dad, and society. Not to create controversy, but I strongly condemn the practice of completing pregnancies until the child is born and then putting him/her up for adoption. I believe this is an abborhant practice considering hundreds of thousands of children here in the US are already waiting to find homes. When every kid is adopted, then we can resume the process of birth/adoption.

    • The Hyde amendment prohibits using tax dollars for abortions so this is how dems end run the law. They cannot help themselves with an overbearing need to control others by using tax payer funded abortions to further their eugenics program.

  • When will we learn?

    “The federal government awarded over $5 billion to help states set up ObamaCare exchanges, with the vast majority – $4.6 billion – going to 16 states and Washington, D.C.

    But, according to a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, much of that money has not been accounted for – and yet not returned, either.

    So where did those taxpayer dollars go?”


    Like fed $s going to medi-care it somehow gets misplaced. Folks it ain’t fed $s it is our tax dollars being given to democrats to buy votes.
    Stop the madness vote straight republican in ’16.

    • Indiana Pearl

      C’mon Booksie. Admit it. You lovelovelove SS and Medicare.

      • do I love paying into them so dems can buy votes?…nope

        • Indiana Pearl

          You love that they help pay for your medical bills and your retirement.

      • John Johnson

        Hey, I certainly expect it. Love might not be the right word. I paid a lot into it. If it had of been invested along the way instead of being spent to cover other things as soon as it was yanked out of my pocket, just think where we’d be.

        • Indiana Pearl

          I agree, but you’re not bellowing about cutting entitlements all the time.

          • John Johnson

            I don’t understand. I paid in with the understanding I would get it back. That is different than someone else getting a check with money provided by others.

          • Indiana Pearl

            Do you look at any of the data on this? Fantasy Island as usual . . .

          • John Johnson

            Want to clarify?

          • Indiana Pearl

            What money “provided by others”? Are you waging war on disabled Americans as well?

          • John Johnson

            My war has been against allowing perfectly able bodied people to get freebies instead of working; allowing people with faked or exaggerated claims to get on Medicaid; allowing illegals to receive government assistance of any kind; funding too many programs and studies that are irrelevant: building weapons systems that are obsolete or not needed; giving subsidies to the Big’s; sticking with a tax code that is obsolete; and continuing to fund fed gov departments that we don’t need and are so mismanaged they cannot account for the dollars given them.

          • Indiana Pearl

            So you want to let cripples, the mentally ill, the lame, the halt, and the blind – diemon the street?


          • John Johnson

            Your comprehension skills suck. Where did I say that? Was denying the needy anywhere in my last post? Geeez.

          • Indiana Pearl

            Your writing skills suck.

          • Indiana Pearl

            What do you mean by “getting a check with money provided by others”?

          • John Johnson

            You seem to want to prick people who are receiving SS and Medicare benefits if they are critical of government subsidies. I was just pointing out the difference. We paid money into the system and now we are taking it out. It’s our money. It is not a gift from a kind, caring government. On the other and, subsidies are paid with tax money collect from all of us and given to someone in need. Big difference. You don’t seem to think so.

        • Indiana Pearl

          When the market crashed in 2008, yoir investment would have been worth squat. You might be able to absorb the loss. Poor folks can’t.

          • John Johnson

            That’s your argument?!? Really weak. By any measure, even with market downturns, a retiree’s contribution would be three to four times more than contributed if invested.

  • Indiana Pearl
  • The angry here need some levity in their lives….

  • donuthin2

    I’m tired of JBB and JJ

  • When did we become so dependent on the government to do everything for us?

    I. E. today in 1825 the Erie Canal opened. What is so significant about that? It had no federal funding. President Madison vetoed the bill authorizing funding saying it was unconstitutional.

    “The politicians Jeffersonian Republican Party, later known as the Democratic Party, had doubts that there was any legal basis in the Constitution for any Federal Government involvement in such development projects. Thomas Jefferson himself disparaged the project as sheer madness. The Constitution was explicit in that only those powers delineated were exercised by the Federal Government, all other powers were the province of the state government.
    In 1817 Congress did pass an act providing for the funding of a canal for New York but President James Madison, a Jeffersonian Democrat, vetoed the bill.”


    What changed? There short years later in 1928 the democrat party was formed. They used illegals to vote, paid underage teenagers to electioneer and destroyed paper ballots to steal their first election. The dems have been making up the rules as they go along circumventing our constitution ever since.”

    • Indiana Pearl

      Knowledge of NY history is useful. You have none.

  • Cantard

    The whistleblower is new. It makes a little voice whisper ‘they’ve got something’. However, just because Bowen says doesn’t means it’s true. Hitting three cities for five years of documents is a big net to spread when you have someone on the inside to point you in the right direction. So this might just be an offering to the media to justify the search.
    Laughingly, I just realized it also means that Paxon’s three months of investigations yielded nothing if they have to rely on a whistleblower.

    • Indiana Pearl

      An election on Nov. 3rd . . . GOTV for the base . . .

    • Cantard

      Abby Johnson has admitted being the whistleblower. She didn’t even work for planned parenthood during the period under review. Heck, she even sued PP around the same time as the Reynolds case, but had the suite thrown out…for being about similar material as the Reynolds case.
      In short, Texas has nothing.

  • This is just another Conservative’s witch hunt! Why torment poor women who want to limit the size of their families! I thought we left the Inquisition in Euripe in the 1700’s???? Somehow some of those men got to Texas……. Sigh!!! Wasting taxpayers time and money again…… Shame on you B’Hoys!!!

  • dormand

    Whether on is pro-life or pro-choice, any government official who makes a public policy decision based upon an altered covert video has no place making decisions that impact others.

    Many who were swept into office in the last election on the tide of abysmally low voter turnouts in the primary elections appear to lack the foresight to comprehend the cascading repercussions of their actions.

    One can learn from the repercussions of the actions of others who have acted based upon ideological ideals. In 2013, the State of Indiana defunded Planned Parenthood.

    You can see for yourself the actual repercussions from this link to a report of the