All I can say is, “It’s about time.” The Davis campaign has been a disaster. Precious days have been lost. Even so, money keeps coming in. Davis will be well funded for the fall, but she needs a staff that is better prepared on state issues.

Democrats have already started describing the Republican slate as the “Abbott, Patrick, Paxton ticket.” There is always a “be careful what you wish for” component to these races. Patrick in particular is a very shrewd operator who has widespread support from the conservative base. He is a dangerous opponent. Democrats who underestimate him do so at their peril.

The internal shakeup of the Davis campaign is in part a result of tension between the longterm objectives of Battleground Texas and the ability of Davis herself to identify a path to victory. Battleground is focusing on the future: turning Texas blue in 2016, 2018, and beyond. Davis must focus on the here and now. It’s silly to worry about 2016 in this election cycle. It can’t become an either/or proposition. Davis HAS to win now.

I have written earlier that this is probably the weakest Republican ticket in the post-2000 era. Abbott is a strong candidate, but Patrick’s ability to run the Senate has yet to be demonstrated, and Paxton, who has suffered from high-profile legal problems, could prove to be an embarrassment. Sid Miller is a disaster waiting to happen as agriculture commissioner. It’s hard to imagine him in a statewide office. The Democrats can only wait and hope for a meltdown by Republicans, but this is clearly their best opportunity in a long time.

(AP Images / LM Otero )