Ken Herman has a story today about Mr. Morrow’s efforts to dig up dirt about Rick Perry. This includes a full-page ad in the Austin Chronicle soliciting information about Perry’s personal behavior earlier in his career. Readers of this space will recognize Mr. Morrow’s name. He is a frequent commenter on the blog, usually about subjects so bizarre and so scandalous that I am forced to send them to trash rather than publish them. He is convinced that the JFK assassination was a massive conspiracy. Once he posted a list of the 50 best books about the assassination. One of his bete noirs is George H. W. Bush, who allegedly had a hand in some dark deed that I have forgotten. Had my e-mail not been hacked a couple of months ago, I would be able to restore some of those posts. Mr. Morrow is a libertarian and a supporter of Ron Paul. Most of his submissions to the blog are not publishable. He doesn’t have much credibility, IMO. but he is relentless about stirring up the rumor mill.