There are three Texan Republicans who may run for president in 2016–Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul (the senator from Kentucky, who grew up in Texas and appeared at the state Republican convention this weekend). I don’t think any of them could make it across the finish line. But there is a real possibility that one of them could be the vice-presidential candidate. And the envelope, please…

Cruz models himself after Ronald Reagan, and has plenty of appeal among Texas Republicans. He easily won the straw poll at the convention. That’s not a personality that works well in a vice president, though. As for Paul, he has the most uplifting view of the Republican party of any of the three contenders, one that reaches beyond the party’s lily-white base to encompass voters of color. But he is the hardest to sell of the three. Taking the view that aid to Israel as “welfare” is not going to get him very far. Presidential candidates usually want their running mates to avoid staking out unusual positions.

My money is on Perry. He is the most well-known of the three contenders, and his Aggie Yell Leader personality is perfect for a cheerleader or an attack dog, which are typically the roles that vice-presidential candidates are asked to play. He’s perfect for the job. Farmers fight! 

(AP Images / Charles Dharapak )