Wendy Davis just read a letter from the Texas Medical Association opposing the sonogram bill as a violation of the patient-doctor relationship. Dan Patrick is claiming there is no patient- doctor relationship, based on the testimony of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee profiled by Texas Monthly. Under questioning from John Whitmire, Patrick says that his assertion that there is no patient-doctor relationship is based on testimony from Planned Parenthood. I think he is describing Abby Johnson’s testimony, not Planned Parenthood’s. Patrick says the TMA was neutral on the bill, but the letter read sounded negative to me. Patrick makes the point that TMA did not testify against the bill. Whitmire talks about women who have been abandoned by family and boyfriends and says Patrick’s bill is creating more pain and hardship. Patrick responds: “I dismiss that” the bill creates a hardship. Patrick: what would you say if all those aborted souls were in our gallery right now?