Freshman Senator Wendy Davis was questioning Fraser when he asked her to speak up: “I have trouble hearing women’s voices,” he said. Really?  Rodney Ellis certainly couldn’t let that one go. He interrupts and asks Duncan:  “I thought I heard my wife’s voice…Is she calling me?” Davis tries to get Fraser to acknowledge he said earlier today he offered the Voter ID bill because of the recommendations of the Carter-Baker Commission. He says, “I did not say that.” I think he did. Deflecting Democratic questions for nearly four hours now,Fraser is getting testy. He tells Davis to ask her questions of the expert witnesses who are going to testify. Does your bill include a proposal that would allow voters to get a Voter ID free of charge?  Fraser says yes, but very few people would need one. When she asks who would pay for it, Fraser responds: “I I know you are new to the Legislature but..” And then he defined fiscal impact for Davis, who was valedictorian of her class at Texas Christian University before she went on to Harvard Law School. “Believe it or not I understand that a fiscal impact reflects whether there is a cost to the state,” Davis responds.