Clinton HDQ in NY: Candy Crowley says Clinton campaign always saw the Northeast as a stronghold. Happiest about Massachusetts, they were worried about Kennedy endorsement … but no major surprises. Already accepted four debates, want a debate a week with Obama.

Obama HDQ in Chicago: Trying to look at the bright side. We were down 30 points two weeks ago, happy with a close result in New Jersey.

Massachusetts isn’t close. 58-40. From what I have heard tonight, the Massachusetts race is an example of something I’ve been saying to my Obama friends, like one E.S. She has the talent and the organization and the experience … wait, a shocker, Utah goes for Romney … and Obama has the love. Give me talent and organization and experience every time. He had the endorsements (Kennedys, Kerry, the governor), but she had the local organizations, and they rolled up their sleeves and turned out their votes and whipped the big boys.

Wolf Blitzer … states up for grabs: Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennesee.

Oops, the Obama people are pointing out that a candidate can finish 6 points behind in California and still get just 18 fewer delegates. They must be expecting to lose California.

David Gergen, Obama did not do well tonight in the Northeast, Massachusetts was a big loss.

Oklahoma for McCain. 38% McCain, 33% Huckabee, 24% Romney. Modified winner-take-all, whatever that means.

Obama wins North Dakota, 13 delegates at stake tonight and 8 super delegates. That usually means party people and that usually means Clinton.