This is a story that has gotten some play, but ICYMI, Speaker Straus went out of his way during a conversation with the Texas Tribune to warn vouchers supporters in the Senate that a “divisive” bill would not be welcome in the House and might not reach a vote. He warned the Senate “not to go full bore” on a doomed issue. The House has been a graveyard for school voucher bills in the past, and don’t forget that Parent PAC‘s biggest supporter is Straus’s fellow San Antonian, Charles Butt. This is very tough stuff, considering that Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst and Senate Education committee chair Dan Patrick are both big supporters of vouchers. Readers may recall that vouchers was the issue that Dewhurst chose after his disastrous Senate race to shore up his conversion, or reconversion, to the far right. It doesn’t look as if it is going to work.