No surprise here, except that the endorsement of Perry is so lukewarm. These are the initial paragraphs of the editorial:

“Rick Perry has focused his nearly six-year governorship on building Texas his way – protecting the business climate, attracting jobs, laying concrete.

“The question for voters Nov. 7 is whether his focus is encompassing enough, whether he has a blind spot when it comes to building people. In that area, Mr. Perry has a deficiency he must work hard to fill if he aspires to a legacy of consequence.

“Though his opponents for the governor’s office sometimes articulate vision where he has blind spots, they fall short elsewhere. They are shy on specifics or realistic solutions to some of Texas’ critical challenges. Most important, none of Mr. Perry’s rivals gives us confidence he or she can perform the delicate political balancing act required of the office.

“The job is too important to give over to a novice in state government or politician who could be an antagonizing – rather than galvanizing – force.

“Despite some shortcomings, Mr. Perry rises above the other candidates in an unsatisfying but colorful field the likes of which Texans may never see again.

“Mr. Perry gets our qualified recommendation for a second four-year term in the governor’s office.”

Here is how the Morning News evaluates their favored candidate on the issues facing the state:

*On the environment: “It’s beyond us why he would want to contribute to the noxious brown clouds that hover over the state.”

*On more funding for public and higher education: “Mr. Perry has been disappointingly resistant.”

*On preparing Texas to meet the challenges of the future: “…his apparent indifference to the state’s wrenching demographic changes.”

*On expanding the children’s health insurance program: “Mr. Perry has needlessly drawn a harder line.”

*On tort reform: “While we have differed on parts of Mr. Perry’s tort-reform agenda….”

Yes, I can see how the Morning News finds him irresistible.