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Dak & Bop

Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

If you haven’t given Korean fried chicken a whirl, treat yourself to a satisfying helping here at Dak & Bop, just east of the museums on Binz. There are other items on the menu—the corn on the cob is a standout—but the focus is squarely on the dak (chicken), in…

Ohana Korean Grill

Nov 16, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Tucked away in a revitalized shopping area, this small eatery was kept alive by loyal customers at a time when neighboring restaurants were closing. Although the restaurant no longer has to try so hard, the friendly staff, calm atmosphere, and fantastic food remain. Ohana offers traditional Korean fare, from yukgaejang…

Republic Diner

Jun 19, 2016 By Texas Monthly

Casual in flip-flops, Heights denizens drop in regularly at this modern Korean pub, which welcomes Fido on the patio and invites diners to convene at community tables or in private booths. Next time, we’ll skip the seafood pancake starter, as it was bready and short on seafood. However, the double-fried…