Southtown Pizzeria

Jun 30, 2017 By Texas Monthly

This recently transformed space echoes a rustic cousin somewhere “over there”: two small dining rooms have a handmade charm (no doubt because of the owner’s own hand in the furniture and decor), and the menu goes far beyond the promised pizzas (which are, by the way, fabulous). Blackboard menus promise…

Stefano’s Brooklyn Pizza

Oct 6, 2015 By Texas Monthly

The Valley’s worst-kept secret for authentic New York–style pizza and pasta has moved out of its hot, cramped location in the back of a convenience store into a spacious new site suitable for a proper family-run pizzeria. At the newly expanded spot, we were relieved to find the same hand-made…

Taste of Chicago

Sep 24, 2015 By Texas Monthly

We almost hate to tell you how much we enjoy this place, because the wait for a table is long enough. And on top of that, the deep-dish pizzas (which can easily feed four people) take about 45 minutes to prepare. But it’s worth the wait to indulge in a…

Urban Crust

Aug 25, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Thin-crust pizzas and other wood-fired goodies are on offer at this historic building in downtown Plano.