Oh, frabjous day. Just got back from a cheese tasting (see dark, slightly out of focus picture, courtesy of my phone). Central Market is now carrying a new line of English cheeses developed by expert and author Julie Harbutt (The World Encyclopedia of Cheese; World Cheese Book. There are sixteen in all, of which we tasted nine–some cow’s milk, some sheep, some aged, some fresh, at least one lightly smoked. My personal favorite was “Blue Monday,” a salty, creamy blue (duh). “Marvellously Mellow Cheddar” was good, too, but even better (IMHO) was Red Leicester. We also got a nice, easy Primer on wine pairings, to wit: The whiter the cheese, the lighter the wine you should drink with it. And don’t shy away from matching white wine with cheese. Reisling (preferably on the drier side) and Viognier go quite well with many. And of course, low-tannin reds are usually a safe bet. So’s beer. So’s cider. (Diet Dr Pepper, not so much.) Follow Julie on Facebook.