For the love, Mr. Drape, you should have stopped before you even began. Granted, myself being in Boston and in a whole new world of food, I can understand wanting to gush and “celebrate” a less-familiar cuisine. But a few things—okay, a lot of things—about Joe’s M.O. are really confusing. Just a few: 1) Pat already pointed ths out, but it’s worth repeating to our veteran reporter here. To find the answer to the burning Tex-Mex essence question, maybe visits to more than three spots are merited? 2) My nitpicky self can’t help but point out that writing that “the cuisine is part of the fabric of everyday life” in Houston leads me to believe Joe thinks it isn’t much of a factor elsewhere in the state. Hey pal, did you actually go anywhere else? I am just a little worried about the journalistic balance here. 3) I’m harping now and should just stop, but maybe this wasn’t the time to say, “It is easy to feel like a Texan after three days of tacos, tamales, chiles rellenos, and enchiladas.” After this story, I think you have a few more dues to pay, and a rewrite, before you can claim that bragging right.