Carne Guisada, Southside Barbacoa

Type: Classic Mexican
Rating: 4
Price: $2.49
On Saturdays, the carne guisada tacos, filled with cubed beef in a rich and spicy chile gravy, come with a sound track: music from the Southside Farmers’ Market band, a homespun ensemble that includes harp, banjo, accordion, and violin and plays just steps away from the busy corner restaurant. 5894 Everhart Rd, 361-334-0888. Tue–Sun 6–2.

Suicide, Hi-Ho Restaurant

Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4.5
Price: $2.15
Self-destruction is downright enjoyable when it involves three tacos’ worth of eggs, chorizo, bacon, cubed potatoes, beans, and cheese—crunchy here, soft there—all wrapped in a burly flour tortilla. It’s best consumed at Table 27, which has an exhibit of framed napkin sketches drawn by one particularly devoted customer. 3703 Morgan Ave, 361-888-4992. Mon–Sat 5–2:45.

Weenie and Egg, Chacho’s Tacos

Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4
Price: $1.35
Yep, wieners. At this small family-owned restaurant, the salty dogs are chopped, mixed with peppery scrambled eggs, and cushioned in handmade flour tortillas. It’s a revered morning go-to, though lumberjacks prefer the Almighty Chacho’s Taco, a 3.5-pound breakfast beast of carne guisada, potato, egg, refried beans, bacon, and cheddar. 3700 Ayers, 361-888-7378. Mon–Fri 5:30–2, Sat & Sun 7–2.

Machacado con Huevo en la Mexicana, Taqueria Jalisco #1

Machacado Con Huevo a la Mexicana

Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4.25
Price: $2.29
At this decades-old family diner, the shredded dried beef known as machaca gives a salty punch to a delectable mess of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, jalapeños, and onions. The homemade flour tortilla must be the size of a kid’s baseball mitt. 902 S. Port Ave, 361-881-8739. Daily 6–11.

Chicken Tinga, El Taco del Rincon de Villa


Type: Classic Mexican
Rating: 4.25
Price: $1.99
Chicken tacos generally inspire monumental indifference. But you won’t be able to get enough of these corn masa pockets filled with juicy, chipotle-smoky shredded fowl. For an extra kick, add the orange-tinted chile de árbol salsa. 6867 Greenville Ave, 214-891-9954. Daily 8–6.