Last month, New York magazine’s Grub Street introduced us to a city full of Frito pie, some more authentic than others (and there were lots of “others”).

Now one of the city’s best-known high-end chefs, Daniel Boulud, a native of Lyon, France, has discovered every Texan’s favorite football snack.

It happened—oh, the humanity!—at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the same place where the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff chances died on January 1.

“way to start the year with hot #Fritos chili #tailgate starters at Giants parking lot,” Boulud tweeted, complete with his own yfrog photo (left).

Matt Robdard of Food Republic caught up with the chef by phone for more.

“That was my first Frito pie experience ever,” Boulud said. “You talk about technique. You just rip open the bag and pour the chili right on top with sour cream and jalapeño. It is something. The chili was fantastic.”

Boulud also told Robdard that he was headed home, and “I’m going to take some bags of Fritos to France with me. I’ll cook up some chili and serve it to my family. We don’t do these sort of things in France, which is too bad.”   

But will he put goose liver on it? Boulud is the actual inventor of the now-rampant foie gras burger trend—his DB Bistro Moderne’s $32 “DB Burger,” a “Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs Foie Gras and Black Truffle,” celebrated its 10th anniversary this past Juneso it’s certainly quite possible.

Somewhere in Brooklyn right now, there’s probably a tattooed chef trying to make his own hand-ground artisan corn “Fritos.”