Roulade of Spinach, Crab, and Mushrooms Recipe
Galette Recipe
Strawberries and Oranges with Raspberry Sauce Recipe

Whether it’s the first meal of the day or a late lunch, brunch is by far the most relaxed meal of all for entertaining friends. Menus should be short, simple, and elegant. Here, for a classic Easter brunch that serves twelve, is a stunning main dish followed by beautiful fresh fruit of the season and homemade specialty bread. This roulade—a flat savory soufflé rolled with crab-mushroom-and-spinach filling—makes a light but flavorful entrèe. Oranges and early strawberries, served with a raspberry sauce and an unusual lemon-flavored French sweet bread, complete the easy do-ahead menu.

Plan of attack: This menu requires some advance preparation but can be finished quickly just before serving. Prepare roulade the night before, and refrigerate. Allow to come to room temperature, about 45 minutes, before final reheating. Make galette dough the night before, let rise, shape into ball, wrap tightly with plastic wrap to prevent further rising, and refrigerate; shape and bake just before brunch. Slice fruit and make sauce the morning of brunch.