LYNDON B. JOHNSON AND HIS FAMILY PAPER DOLLS, a cutout book featuring Lyndon and his family in their undies, published by Dover Books as part of its presidential paper doll series, $4.95.

TRAIL OF FLAME: THE RED-HOT GUIDE TO SPICY RESTAURANTS ACROSS AMERICA, by Jennifer Trainer Thompson, a self-described tenth-generation Yankee, listing four restaurants in Vermont but none in San Antonio or South Texas, published by Ten Speed Press, $11.95.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH, HER COMPLETE STORY IN PICTURES, featuring…well, let’s just say that her story isn’t nearly as featured—or as complete—as the pictures, published by Playboy Press, $6.95.

“READ MY LIPS,” a collection of classic Texas political quotes (Samples: “If anybody has any better ideas, I’m all ears”—Ross Perot; “You’re not a real Texan till you’ve been kicked out of every decent state in America”—Joe Bob Briggs), compiled by Kirk Dooley and Eben Price, published by Texas Tech University Press, $12.95.