Having earlier assessed Mitt Romney and the Senate race, Public Policy Polling’s latest Texas round of survey answers turns its attention to the future of Rick Perry, as well as some minutiae about Texas presidents and Texas cities. 

The biggest verdict: Perry’s prospects should he choose to run for governor again in 2014 aren’t overwhelming.

Only 29 percent of Texans thought he should seek another term, an even lower number than his job approval rating (39 percent) in the survey; only 64 percent thought Perry shouldn’t pursue reelection, while eight percent were not sure. 

But as PPP’s Tom Jensen noted:

There’s actually some possibility he could win another term anyway though. 49% of Republicans think he should run again to 38% who think he should not and obviously if you win the Republican nomination in Texas you’re always going to start out in a pretty good position for the general.

Another Perry presidential run is also less than promising. Only nineteen percent of Texas voters liked the prospect of a Perry 2016 campaign, while 73 percent said that he shouldn’t try for the the top job again. (Eight percent were once again not sure. Of anything.)

Among Republicans, the number of people in Perry’s camp was only slightly higher: 31 percent.  

Just for the heck of it, the PPP poll also asked respondents to assess the three Texans who have actually served as Commander-In-Chief, asking, “Who was the greatest President ever from Texas?”

Lyndon Baines Johnson took that honor, finishing with 39 percent of the vote. George W. Bush had 22 percent, and George H.W. Bush nineteen percent.

Senior, however, was the most likable of the trio, with a 54/32 favorable/unfavorable rating. W’s was 48/44, and LBJ’s, 44/30. 

And finally the poll also asked, “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion?” of five major Texas cities. San Antonio was the big winner there, with 71 percent favorability, followed by Austin with seventy percent and Dallas with 56 percent.

On the negative side, perenially underrated Houston had just a 46 percent favorability rating, with El Paso at 28 percent. Jensen noted that Democrats were fans of the Sun City, with a 34/23 favorable/unfavorable split, but among Republicans, that figure was 23/43. 

You can read the complete poll, including further questions about Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, here (PDF).