How many security people did it used to take for former President George H. W. Bush to go on a run through Memorial Park in Houston near his Tanglewood home? Fifty, according to a Runner’s World interview with Nick Trotta, former Secret Service agent and running partner for three presidents.

In the interview, conducted by Matt McCue, the aptly named Trotta examines different presidential paces. Apparently, George W. Bush’s running habits are well suited to the scorching Texas summers: “President Bush started the 100 Degree Club–he waited to run until it hit 100 degrees. He could average 7:00 to 7:10 minutes-per-mile for three miles.” He even admitted to having a treadmill in Air Force One, to stick to his tight exercise schedule.

An accompanying article documents the ACLI Capital Challenge, a three-mile team race on Anacostia Hill (south of Capitol Hill) open to members of the government and the media. Texas was well represented by its two U.S. senators, John Cornyn and the outgoing Kay Bailey Hutchison. Although no Texans jogged away with the gold, (John Thune’s team won fastest Senate team) Cornyn received the honor of “Best Team Name” for his cumbrously christened “Where’s the Finish? I’m Having a Cornynary.” Hutchison’s team title reflected her impending retirement with “Kay thru ‘12.” (With the last name Cruz, one can only imagine what kind of hilarious word play we can expect from her successor for at least the next six years.)

It’s a shame governors can’t participate, as noted exercise fanatic Rick Perry could do the Lone Star State proud. Not to mention he would be the first line of defense for our Beltway professionals in the case of a coyote attack.