On August 11, the day Mitt Romney took to the deck of the USS Wisconsin to announce he had selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, @PaulRyanGosling sprung to life, a satirical Twitter account that hilariously combines the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme with snarky, flirtatious lines about the VP candidate’s conservative beliefs.

Last week, Daily Intel revealed that two of the women behind @PaulRyanGosling live in Texas. (The account is run by a total of five women, and they all blog at The Mouthy Housewives.) The TM Daily Post caught up with Wendi Aarons of Austin and Kristine Cook of Fort Worth to ask them about their parody account, which has more than 73,000 followers.

Where do you live and how do y’all know each other? Are you transplants or native Texans?

Yes, I moved to Austin from Los Angeles in 1999 and Kristine moved to Fort Worth last year from upstate New York. (OMG, Blue State transplants! Bless our hearts!) We met via our humor blogs.

Who looks better with his shirt off, Paul Ryan or Ryan Gosling?
We’re not willing to look at a side-by-side comparison, but let’s go with the one who doesn’t work out in a backwards red baseball cap.

Who looks better with his shirt off, Ryan Gosling or Joe Biden?
Amtrack Joe’s got our vote.

What, in particular, about Paul Ryan is the most frightening for you?
The fact that he has two first names. Never trust a man with two first names, especially if he seems suspiciously interested in referring to zygotes as beans.

Ryan Gosling frequently has been spotted around Austin over the last few months while filming an untitled Terrence Malick project. Do you think Paul Ryan has ever seen one of Malick’s films?
Not unless Terrence made a G-rated movie about Princesses losing their right to choose.

How, as a small business, has @PaulRyanGosling struggled with the current tax code?
Luckily, it’s easy to figure out the taxes on a profit of zero dollars, so we’re doing okay.

What are your thoughts on what has happened to women’s health in Texas over the last two years?
It’s shameful, especially with Texas having one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. We’ve both supported Planned Parenthood for most of our lives and will continue to do so in any way we can.

What are your worries about women’s health and issues in a Romney/Ryan administration?
We wouldn’t say they are “worries” as much as they are nightmares. Ryan especially is trying to make his radical ideological and religious views about reproduction into public policy.

A lot of the comments on the Houston Chronicle post about the account were venomous. What other feedback have you received from Texans?
We didn’t read the comments because we don’t like being called liberal bitches by people who can’t spell. Otherwise, most Texans have been really nice and some have even offered to move us to Oklahoma.

How did you handle the account on debate nights. Are all of you tweeting, or is there some kind of order?
Debate nights have been open to any of us that can make it and aren’t currently in the company of any Republican family members. We tweet what comes to us, and have learned to “Trust our funny.”

Have you heard anything more about who was behind the attempt to bump you from your Twitter handle? The campaign?
The Twitter rules state that only the person who is being impersonated can file a complaint about an account. For this reason, we’ve narrowed it down to either Paul Ryan or Ryan Gosling. Obviously, we can’t confirm that it was the Romney/Ryan campaign, but we feel that Ryan Gosling would rather kill us with kisses (who wouldn’t?) than stifle some political satire.

Here are a few of Wendi and Kristine’s favorite @PaulRyanGosling tweets: