Laredo suffers no shortage of Mexican restaurants, all crowing about their authenticity. So when a restaurant proclaims its homestyle cred in its name; well, that bears some investigation (perhaps even repeatedly). The nondescript strip mall storefront doesn’t dazzle with decor and there’s no carefully curated menu (and thankfully no piped-in soundtrack to undermine conversation). Instead, there’s food only your abuelita (i.e., granny) could deliver. Try a substantial breast of chicken and a drumstick bathed in a lush, bittersweet mole and bracketed with fluffy rice and frijoles a la charra. Or sample a steaming plate of guisado de puerco (pork stew), tart with a buttery salsa verde and sided with Mexican rice and beans. Gorditas live up to their name (“little fatties”), arriving stuffed with your choice of cilantro chicken, chicharrones (pork), or picadillo (ground beef). Ah, but it’s the enchiladas callejeras that hands-down deliver on that “home-style” claim: simmered in salsa roja, laden with queso asado, and topped with grilled carrots, onions, and potatoes. Now that’s homestyle. Finally a word to the wise: This is not a fast food operation, so relax and chat with your friends. It’s coming, and it’s worth the wait.