On most summer nights, the Bobo children can be found outside, roaming around the two-acre farm, outside of Fredericksburg, that they call home. Brothers Wyatt, who is four, and Hank, who’s all of one, are usually feeding their goats or digging in the garden while their parents, Lara, a graphic designer, and Tim, a home builder and craftsman, put dinner together and catch up on the day over a glass of wine. The meal typically includes produce straight from the garden—cucumbers, squash, and peppers, to name but a few of the many vegetables they cultivate on their land.

Both Tim and Lara grew up in Fredericksburg and met as kids, but they didn’t reconnect until college—Tim was at Texas A&M while Lara attended Baylor—and they started chatting online and on the phone. They kept up their correspondence for a year, never meeting in person, until one night, they decided to meet halfway between their respective schools (in Bremond, of all places). An engagement followed six months later, and, as two creatives passionate about design, it wasn’t long before the couple was planning what sort of house they wanted to build together. They married in 2007 and the following year, began construction. Twelve months later—with the two of them doing much of the work on their own along with help from friends and family—the modern farmhouse was complete.