Almost thirty years ago, David Bond found that he was always in need of extra gas money; his particular vehicle of choice was a light brown 1973 Chevy pickup that averaged only about 9 miles per gallon. An art history major and painter, Bond took an apprenticeship at a sign painting shop to make some pocket change and fell in love with the art form, deciding to focus on it full time. He soon started his own shop, the Templeton, California–based Lucky B Design, and since 1989, he has been commissioned by companies the likes of Patagonia, Volcom, Nike, Harley Davidson, and many others. Fast forward to today: Bond’s daughter now lives outside of Waco, so when a few Texas companies were in need of some signs, he decided to make a trip of it, trekking from Clifton to El Paso (with a stop in Waco, of course) to hand-letter classic signs at various points in between.