The World v. American Airlines

Jan 21, 2013 By Jason Cohen

Fallout from the Fort Worth-based airline's Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization leads to unprecedented delays, an unhappy pilot's union and even unhappier (and vocal) consumers.

Are Twinkies in Peril?

Jan 11, 2012 By Sonia Smith

Irving-based Hostess Brands, the maker of the indestructible snack cake, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time since 2004.

The Kitchen Is Closed

May 31, 2008 By Gary Cartwright

Forty years ago, Pete Dominguez and his Mexican restaurants were the toast of Dallas. Now he’s alone, broke, and nearly forgotten.

In God We Bust

Aug 31, 1996 By Carol Flake

Since the late eighties, dozens of big churches in Texas have put rapid growth ahead of financial health. Austin’s Great Hills Baptist is only the latest to pay the price.

Bad News, Baird’s

Jul 31, 1996 By Helen Thorpe

This spring, Texas’ leading white-bread maker was ordered to pay a fine of $10 million and settled a lawsuit for another $18 million. Why does the company have to cough up so much dough?

The Poop on Drypers

Jun 30, 1996 By Alexandra Biesada

In less than a decade, the upstart Houston diapermaker has come a long way, baby. But taking on the big boys has hardly been child’s play.