As Andrea Ahles of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, three hundred American Airlines employees protested the company’s restructuring plan, which is expected to trim as many as 13,000 jobs, at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Tuesday.

But nobody is protesting more loudly–or at least, creatively–than flight attendant Gailen David, who has been with the company for 24 years.

According to Scott Gordon of, American is demanding that David, who has had his own Dear Sky Steward website since 2007, remove the satrical videos he’s posted about the company on YouTube.

He’s not only refused to take them down, but didn’t bother showing for a disciplinary meeting last Friday. (David posted a copy of the letter requesting his presence on his “Dear Sky Steward” Facebook page.) 

American spokesman Bruce Hicks told Gordon, “While we recognize our employees’ right to express their viewpoints, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to attacking or harassing other employees.” 

As Gordon wrote, David said he figures he is going to lose his job in the airline’s bankruptcy; his non work-related travel privileges on American have already been suspended by the company. 

“Many are choosing to face the truth head-on that they’ve been had by a gang of thieves that have used American Airlines as their personal trust, now bled dry from heinous mismanagement– there is nothing for workers to do but cry or maybe consider laughing instead!” David wrote on his website, which reaches twenty million readers.

The first of David’s videos was a merciless recitation of an actual letter sent out by Lauri Curtis, vice president of onboard service at American Airlines, with comic subtitles a la Stephen Colbert’s “The Word:”

This clip, titled “Aluminum Lady,” parodies the trailer for the recent Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady: