The cowboy boot is perhaps the purest, most basic element of Texas style. Hailing from the Spanish vaquero culture of eighteenth-century Mexico, our national shoe features a tall, loose shaft that protects legs from rough terrain and a Cuban heel that provides a sturdy, no-slip grip in stirrups. Though the boots still serve a utilitarian purpose, they’ve also become an emblem of our hardscrabble heritage, and today Texans proudly sport them in just about any situation. Here are three handsome variations begging to be put to work on the ranch or on the town. 

1.  This elegant roper-inspired model has the architecture of an O’Neil Ford—clean lines, no frills, and unapologetic functionality. $715;

2. Show off the intricate, hand-sewn inlays of these bespoke Rocketbuster kicks with a skirt or by tucking in your skinnies. $1,345;

3.  With a traditional toe bug and wrinkle stitch on the vamp and a steel shank embedded in the sole, the M. L. Leddy’s Vaquero showcases a tough-as-nails style that’s been popular in Texas for a century. $375;