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Meanwhile, in Texas . . .

Some crazy stuff went down last month. Here are a handful of headlines you may have missed.

By June 2015Comments

Illustration by Ross MacDonald

  • An unidentified criminal robbed the same Dallas sub shop four times in two months.
  • Nearly four hundred fish died at the Texas State Aquarium, in Corpus Christi, when workers inadvertently added the wrong chemical to the water.
  • A Grand Prairie man was jailed for two nights after failing to pay fines he incurred for not maintaining his lawn.
  • The prospective owners of an Austin cat cafe, where people can dine and enjoy feline companionship, successfully reached their Kickstarter goal of $60,000.
  • A newspaper reported that over the past five years a Katy teenager has caught more than two hundred fish, including catfish, from a manhole in front of his house.
  • Motorists in Weatherford caused a traffic jam after they stopped to grab loose cash that had fallen out of a Brinks armored truck.
  • A Houston teenager and the Hyundai Motor Company set a Guinness World Record for “largest tire-track message” when eleven cars etched the phrase “Steph  hearts You” in the Nevada desert in letters large enough to be seen by the girl’s astronaut father, who was working on the International Space Station.
  • The auction website eBay removed a listing from a League City citizen offering “pre-recall” Blue Bell ice cream.

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