After the emotional rollercoaster of game two, no one should experience the tragedy and triumph of the Astros World Series alone. Watch the game at a random bar, and you risk standing next to somebody who wants to change the channel to the Rockets game—or, worse, sitting next to a bandwagon Astros fan. Watch it from the comfort of your couch, and you risk being alone when an eleventh inning homer sends you into shock.

Luckily, Texas Monthly is here to help. If you’d rather not scream at your living room TV screen (we’re not going to say “cheer” and risk jinxing it), we’ve got some suggestions for bar locales across Texas where you can experience the heart-stopping highs and lows of the old ballgame alongside other Astros fans. So whether you’re watching the game in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, or El Paso, head to the bar, grab a Lone Star, and cheer on your beloved ‘Stros in good company. And if you happen to be stuck in Dodgers territory out in California, we’re sorry—but we’re here to help. After all, no matter where you are, you can always be a Astros fan.


GRIFF’S IRISH PUB// Griff’s is Houston’s oldest sports bar, opened in 1965 by Michael Griffin. The pub is home to a dedicated base of sports fans, aptly named Griff’s Army. If you’re interested in being surrounded by other Astros die-hards, or may want to take a bus to the game, Griff’s could be the place for you.

PJ’S SPORTS BAR// Located in the trendy Houston neighborhood of Montrose, PJ’s is a sports bar in a converted house. After watching the Astros win and perhaps snagging a free chili dog, you and some friends can celebrate upstairs by singing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on their karaoke machine.

LITTLE WOODROW’S// With seven locations in Houston, Astros fans across the city can pick a spot to pop in and catch the game. At the Heights location, wear your orange gear and take part in their drink specials as you cheer on the Astros.

LUCKY’S PUB// Lucky’s Pub will be hosting Astros Viewing Block Parties throughout the Astros’ road to the World Series. You can watch each game in front of five projection screens, sixty HD flat screens and—just in case you still can’t see—one ginormous Jumbotron.


THE FRANCHISE// If you have trouble hearing and would be heartbroken if you can’t hear the announcer give their play-by-play, the Franchise may be the spot for you. This bar offers booths with their own speakers built in. Along with an array of TVs papering the walls, the audio experience makes the Franchise an ideal spot to hear the game.

CHRISTIES// Lovingly dubbed “The Cheers of Uptown,” Christies has been up and running since 1991. Christies has over fifty televisions and offers beer pong to pass the time during those pesky commercials. It also has pinball, if you need to take out some pent-up aggression during the seventh-inning stretch.

FRANKIE’S DALLAS// If you’re watching the game with a fair-weather fan—or a family member who couldn’t tell a curveball from a three-pointer—Frankie’s might be the right spot. Your baseball-averse companion can head downstairs and chill in The Underground, Frankie’s speakeasy-style lounge while you, a true Texan, watch American history.  


HIGH VELOCITY// Located at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa, High Velocity features a 120-foot-long video wall, so you can almost feel like you’re at Minute Maid Park. If you require absolute silence in those tense final innings, High Velocity also offers private booths with personal TV screens.

COVER 3// Voted the best sports bar in San Antonio, Cover 3 is one of the few in the genre to have an executive chef and a pastry kitchen. Go ahead, order a mimosa and watch the Astros while feeling fancy. 

THE FRIENDLY SPOT// If you’ve got a pup who roots for the Astros, the Friendly Spot is a good option. The fully outdoor bar offers a good space to sit outside and enjoy the game on an inflatable screen. 


BASECAMP// This high-end sports bar screens games with drink specials and locally sourced bar food. And if you want a place to watch the game in public alongside only friends, BaseCamp offers private rooms for watch parties.

THE LOCAL POST// If you’re looking to make friends with some fellow fans, Local Post Pub might be the spot. The pub boasts over twenty televisions, community tables, and a patio. 

PLUCKERS WING BAR// Founded by UT alumni, Pluckers is known for excellent wings and appetizers. It would be almost sacrilegious to watch the game without succulent, crispy lemon pepper wings in hand.


TANYA’S GRIDIRON// Want a reminder of watching the game with family as a kid? Tanya’s offers an authentic cosy feeling, like visiting your favorite aunt’s house. Order a brisket grilled cheese while you chat with locals and cheer the Astros to victory.

BORDER CITY ALE HOUSE// If you’re looking to start a fight with some Dodgers fans, you can do it here—just log onto the free wifi and head over to Twitter. They also have three projection screens and multiple televisions so you won’t miss any play-by-plays while you argue with a stranger online.

TORTUGA SPORTS LOUNGE// If the games this weekend are anything like game two, they’re sure to be nail-biters. Why not spare your digits and bite into a fried gizzard or Twinkie instead? If those options are a little too out there, you can always order Tortuga’s fried hot dog for something a little closer to home.


EL TEJANO TEX-MEX// Queso, Frito pie, “Texas-sized” margaritas? Maybe California isn’t all bad. If, for some curious reason, you’re in LA for the game, head over to El Tejano Tex-Mex in NoHo to watch alongside fellow Texans. There’s no better way to commiserate about being stuck in California than rooting for the ‘Stros over a big bowl of queso.