When a guy who has twice been arrested in some part of the process of having sex with a horse gets arrested for the same thing a third time, we feel obligated to warn Texas that a serial horse-rapist has earned the Triple Crown. Cirilo Castillo Jr. is an Edinburg man whose horse-loving career began in 2012, with an incident that landed him in jail for 270 days. The next year he broke into a barn, raped a horse, and received five years probation for animal cruelty. And now, a year later, Castillo Jr. was arrested in the same barn (but with a different horse) after being discovered with a broken leg by deputies. As The Monitor reports

Deputies arrested a 45-year-old man last week [who] they said broke his leg while trying to perform a sex act with a horse.

Cirilo Castillo Jr., of Alamo, faced trespassing charges in the Feb. 17 incident where he was found hurt inside a barn in the 6000 block of Alberta Road after a horse had kicked him, Hidalgo County sheriff’s spokesman J.P. Rodriguez said.

Deputies met with the barn’s owner who told them she went to the barn to feed her horses when she discovered Castillo injured on the ground in one of the horse stables, Rodriguez said.

Castillo told investigators that a car struck him on the roadway and he had crawled to the barn for shelter. He was transported to the hospital for treatment and arrested June 2 on an active warrant for the incident. The next day, Justice of the Peace Charlie Espinoza formally charged Castillo and set his bond at $1,000.

Castillo had previously been arrested and told to stay away from the barn and horses, Rodriguez said.

There appear to be no human witnesses to the encounter, but given his record, Castillo’s story about having been hit by a car and just happening upon the same barn in which he’d previously been found abusing an animal seems unlikely. Precisely how the deputies reacted when they realized that his story was likely bunk, and what his real reason for entering the barn may have been, remains a mystery. 

Also curious: Why go back to that same barn? We do not profess to be experts on the issue, but it does seem that, after three arrests, the horses in this barn are important to Castillo, and he pursues them in a way that makes him susceptible to arrest. Any measures taken to prevent recidivism aren’t working; Castillo clearly needs more help than he’s currently receiving. Why the long face? 

(Image via Flickr; note that the barn pictured is not the scene of the crime.)