J.J. Watt gets called a “freak of nature” a lot, and seemingly every time he does anything on the football field, he earns that title (which is somehow an honorific if you’re an athlete). This week, he earned it for something off the field: as part of a viral ad he filmed on a smartphone for Reebok, Watt was captured performing a 61-inch box jump.

A box jump is a limited-utility exercise—more for showing off than for training—in which a person goes from a standing position to a shallow squat, then jumps up onto a platform, to see how high they can go. On CrossFit forums, enthusiasts suggest that a 42-inch jump would be a good goal for someone. Watt, of course, exceeds that by more than a foot and a half.

But saying he did a 61-inch box jump sort of hides the ball in terms of what Watt actually achieved. Watching the video helps—take a look below—but let’s put it into perspective.

Never Satisfied. 61″ at 293 lbs. #HuntGreatness

It’s impressive, when you consider the height of those mats he jumps onto, but there’s not a ton of perspective in the shot, which goes from Watt directly to the box. So how tall is 61 inches? Here are some things that J.J. Watt could jump directly on top of.

A Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is a compact car, but it’s also a hatchback, which means that it’s a good bit taller than your average sedan. The 2015 model stands 59.4 inches tall, in fact, several inches taller than a Corolla or a Camry. That wouldn’t stop Watt, however, who could stand still in front of a Yaris and still land directly on top of one. 

A Full-Grown Arabian Horse

Watt is an outdoorsman who has clearly taken to Texas and presumably, an animal lover, which means that he would never risk injuring a horse by jumping onto its back. But he could, if he wanted to. Arabian horses, like people, come in different sizes (there are Watt-like freak of nature horses out there too), but the average height of a full-grown Arabian horse, at the shoulder, is four feet eight inches to five feet one inch, well within Watt’s range. 

Lady Gaga

Watt has avoided celebrity entanglements (despite Katy Perry reportedly being smitten after an ESPN photo shoot) to keep his focus on his game, so the odds that he and Lady Gaga would find themselves involved are slim. He could, however, apparently leap over the diminutive star, assuming that she wasn’t wearing a three-foot-tall hat or something, which is always a possibility. 

A Giant Prehistoric Penguin

In 2012 the skeleton of a giant prehistoric penguin was constructed in New Zealand, revealing that the beasts stood over four fee six inches tall. That’s a downright easy jump for Watt, who is unlikely to ever encounter a penguin that has been extinct for 25 million years—much less need to jump on it. However, if any enterprising video game developers are reading this, feel free to take this idea and run with it, if you want to make a Super Mario Bros but with J.J. Watt and prehistoric penguins sort of game. We’ll play it.

A City of Houston Parking Meter

Admittedly, we’re eyeballing this one here—for whatever reason, the dimensions of the city’s solar-powered parking meters aren’t readily available—but if you take off the fun solar hat, the city’s parking meters seem like they’re right about five feet tall, and if we’re off by a few inches, well, that just gives Watt something to strive for in his next jump.

(Yaris image via Toyota; horse image by Milly LeeLady Gaga image via Wikimedia Commons; penguin image by Chris Gaskin/Geology Museum, University of Otagoparking meter image via Flickr; J.J. Watt image by Stephanie Bray)